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Fair Price:
You'll never again be blindsided by sticker-shock, bill padding, or paying for one person to stand around while another does the job. Our plumbing and heating technicians are trained to diagnose your problem correctly and find the quickest, most economical solution to getting it done right the first time-every time.

Company Stability:
H&B Plumbing and Heating has been family owned and operated in Cecil County Maryland since 1980, which means you benefit not only from our years of expertise, but also from the knowledge that thousands of your neighbors continue to trust us as their home maintenance and repair partners. Read more about us .

We're not like the IRS-where you might get five different answers to the same question. We're more like your family doctor-we keep detailed charts on our customers that are reviewed before we visit your home. That means we don't waste your valuable time starting from scratch.

See our gallery for examples of our work, and book a FREE consultation with one of our experts.

We also offer the convenience of online bill payment , and we love to hear from our customers after their service. Don't forget to visit our customer feedback page to tell us how we did.




Quality Work & Materials:
That means you can deliver a finished commercial project that really is finished , without call-backs and complaints from customers or tenants on plumbing, HVAC and water treatment issues.

Time is money! We work with you to ensure that all the pieces fall into place seamlessly, without hitches or headaches, so you can stay on track.

H&B Plumbing and Heating has a standing in the Business community that is second to none, and that means your good reputation is reflected in our service. We strive to develop business relationships that deliver quality to both your customers and ours.

Visit our gallery for samples of our work, read more about us , and contact us for a free consultation on your next job.

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